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Vitamin C & D

We all want to look and feel as healthy as possible and most of us have a good understanding of what we need to consume for a healthy, balanced diet ⚖️(Although we are all guilty of not always doing it!)😬

We've all been left with that sluggish feeling when we've over indulged on certain foods and drinks that we know are going to leave us fatigued and frustrated🥱😖 At the opposite end of the spectrum there are so many food sources that can positively enhance our feelings both physically and mentally.🤩😁 For the purpose of this post we are specifically focusing on food sources in relation to stress reduction and increased immunity.🤯💪

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a powerful antioxidant that can strengthen your body's natural defenses. These antioxidants help destroy free radicals which, if left to accumulate, can create oxidative stress. This is linked to many chronic diseases. Consuming more vitamin C supports the body's natural immune response and flights inflammation.🥊

Great food sources for Vitamin C are:











Vitamin D is naturally produced by your body when your skin is exposed to sunlight☀️ Vitamin D deficiency is often linked with high stress and anxiety levels and depression, making it essential that we increase our Vitamin D intake to help reduce stress and regulate our mood. Unfortunately, due to the wonderful British weather🌧 (and the fact that we are limited to our homes a lot more at the moment!!) it can be hard to get enough sun exposure to produce the levels of Vitamin D required and therefore we need to boost our vitamin D intake, particularly during the winter months with foods and supplements.

Great food sources of vitamin D are:

🍳🍣 🥩🐟


Egg yolks


Red meat



With regards to supplements you will often see both Vitamin D & D3 on the shelf. Although both forms are important, recent studies prove that D3 are much more important for your health and wellbeing. Our bodies absorb and use Vitamin D3 better and it is more effective for treating disease ☀️💚

If you are looking for a little recipe inspo here's a few of our favourites.

Thanks to World Cancer Research Fund UK for this Mango & Chicken Stir Fry 🐔🥭 

EatingWell has created this delicious salmon, asparagus and mushroom dinner 🐟

Sainsburys give us this fantastic steak, kale and avocado salad 🥩🥑 

Enjoy 😋