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When the first lockdown hit in March 2020 🥺our daily walks, runs, zoom HIIT and yoga classes became a really important part of our day...even though we may not have realised it at the time.

Fast forward to lockdown part 3 and for many they have fallen by the wayside. Maybe it's the darker nights and mornings making it harder to get motivated? The cold and icy weather? This latest lockdown has also hit many of us much harder from a mental perspective, so maybe you just can't face the thought of putting on your gym kit and trainers for any other reason than to sit on the sofa and watch Netflix.  

We know it can be really tough but it is essential to challenge yourself to get moving.  Now is the most important time to be the healthiest version of yourself and getting moving is one of the best ways to do it!

Although each of us have varying levels of fitness and there are thousands of different methods of exercise (Whether it be walking, cycling, rowing, yoga, weight lifting, running, gym classes, dancing, cross fit, swimming....) However, the one thing that is identical is that it involves some form of movement.

All forms of movement and exercise have some direct stress-busting benefits. It hugely increases the production of endorphins creating a naturally happy feeling. Stress isn't just a mental or emotional issue - when stress and tension are stored in the body they can be the culprit of many physical conditions such as persistent headaches, back pain and neck pain.  Movement and exercise help release this tension reducing the risk of referred pain throughout the body.   

As we know from Tip 1, deep breathing is a fantastic stress release and exercises forces us to automatically do this.

Movement and exercise also help boost your immune system.  Each time you exercise blood circulation is increased, at the same time the number of immune cells are also increased (this occurs with the exchange of white blood cells between peripheral tissues). Therefore there are increased immune cells travelling in the bloodstream looking for viruses to attack!  Exercise can also help flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways reducing your chances of illness.

So challenge yourself....why not start today? Go for that run you have been putting off, sign up to that on-line gym class, do PE with Joe Wicks The Body Coach,  go for a slightly longer walk than usual.  If your energy levels are particularly low then even the smallest amount of movement can some housework, wash the car, do some gardening or dance to your favourite song.

It doesn't matter what it is...the important thing is to KEEP MOVING!