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Posture, mood & anxiety

Did you know your posture dictates emotion and your emotion dictates posture? 🤩

If you are feeling down, it is a natural and often involuntary physical response to look down, round the shoulders and start slouching. This position sends negative signals to the brain … which in turn makes you feel increasingly unhappy. It can easily become a vicious circle! ☹️😩

However, studies have found that people who adopt an upright and open posture report an increase in mood, confidence and alertness. 😃😁

The news at the moment can be quite overwhelming and subconsciously will be having a negative impact on your mood 🥲

Have you ever heard the saying 'I feel sick to the stomach?’ 🤢 Well, the abdominal muscle tissue can often store anxiety and negative feelings. The good news is it also responds brilliantly to some gentle massage / exercise techniques 💚

By following this exercise and rolling on the soft spikey ball it will help release tension, stimulate blood flow and improve digestion which in turn will help ease anxiety and increase feelings of positivity 🤩

So start today....stand straight and feel great! ✨

Don’t forget the Posture Corrector Pack comes with a bank of over 20 Physio exercise videos specifically designed for posture improvement 💚

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