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Posture & chronic back pain

Back pain is by far the most common issue that occur due to poor posture. The body is complex and there are many contributing factors and degrees of back pain 😩

However, what if someone told you that your chronic, persistent and torturous back pain could be fixed with the appropriate movement exercises? 🤔

You would be forgiven for not believing it were possible, especially if you had already had little success from other forms of treatment (e.g. medication, surgery and manual therapy) 💊💉

But what if the actual cause of your Back Pain had been missed?

All too often, people suffering from chronic back pain, and the clinicians they source to help them, focus on where their symptoms are and fail to identify the root cause. And yet, figuring out the root cause of back pain may be far simpler than you realise! 🤗

When you are at the mercy of our excruciating symptoms, it is very difficult to look beyond that area. However, bad posture is the leading cause of back pain and taking time to reflect on the 'Posture that you are in the most', will give you a far clearer understanding of when and where your body is failing you and why it is causing you pain 😢

Yes the symptoms are in the back, perhaps even referring into the limbs via the nerves throughout the body, BUT the cause of this mechanical failure and pain is a direct result from another part of the body.

The most consistent example of this is people suffering from frequent episodes of low back pain which is being caused secondary to a build up of congestion in their neck and shoulder girdle! 😣

When we are staring at our computer screens, smart phone, tablets etc our bodies are static and in a sedentary posture. With more and more time spent in this posture we begin to accumulate soft tissue congestion, knots in the muscle fibres. 📺📱💻🪑

As this accumulation builds, particularly in the shoulder girdle area, we begin to lose its essential mobility and function. The brain's response is to source help from other areas of the body which leads to them trying to work in ways that they weren't designed to! 🧠 ⚠️

This directly leads to your lower back pain! ‼️❌

Here is another another example of 1 of the many exercises available with the Posture Corrector Pack. By laying along the specifically designed ridge roller and gliding your arms up and around it will help keep your ribcage and shoulders mobile - easing your back pain. Trust us, your low back will THANK YOU !! ☺️

With regular use of the Posture Corrector Pack and over 30 exclusive Physio-Led exercise videos, you can start to break-up this pattern, significantly reduce your pain and begin to improve your posture! 💚

Don’t forget the Posture Corrector Pack comes with a bank of over 20 Physio exercise videos specifically designed for posture improvement 💚

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