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Posture & Circulation

It is essential there is a constant flow of blood circulating freely through the body at all times.  However, poor posture can be extremely detrimental to this vital flow of blood 🩸

The heart needs to be able to pump the blood around the body with enough force to ensure it flows upwards from the feet, ankles and calves back up to the heart 🫀

When we are sitting or standing in a slouched position we make it much harder for the blood circulating to flow in that upwards direction back to the heart.  Therefore putting increasing pressure on your heart 🪑🫀

Improving our posture directly supports and promotes good circulation which is also essential to help strengthen your other vital organs, the respiratory system and the digestive system 💪🫁🫀

Many of us sit down for long periods each day causing your hips to tighten up - this simple exercise using a resistance band can really help to keep the hips mobile and the blood flowing around the body! 💚