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Posture & Increase breathing capacity

It is essential that your body can take full, deep breaths to help promote a healthy brain, heart and other vital organs 🧠🫀🫁💚

To breathe fully, your diaphragm needs to have enough space to properly release and contract with each breath… this is boosted when your body is lengthened and in alignment✨

Poor posture and spine misalignment will reduce this space within the diaphragm making it much harder to take a full, deep breath. This has a detrimental effect across your entire body as less oxygen is circulated which is essential to rejuvenate your cells 🫀🩸

Here is one of the many simple exercises you can do to help open the diaphragm to help maintain and increase lung capacity to ensure your entire body receives the oxygen it needs. 🫁

The exercise in the comments is fantastic to help stimulate the reflex points along the bottom of the ribcage with the small yellow ball. This will help unlock the tension and improve your breath capacity!💚

The Posture Corrector Pack comes with a bank of over 20 Physio exercise videos specifically designed for posture improvement 💚

Use code Loyalty10 for 10% discount and free delivery 🚚