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We all know that feeling. 

Some may 'over indulge' more than others and we all have different levels of indulgence.  What may be seen as the norm to one person may be classed as a huge overindulgence to another. 

We all have different weaknesses that can often lead to overindulgence such as alcohol, sugar, processed foods and fizzy drinks.  It can also be lifestyle choices that we over indulge in such as late nights, excessive screen time, lack of exercise, too much sleep and even too much exercise! 

This time of year, as the dark nights creep in and the festivities commence, it can be really tricky to avoid the temptation. 
Here's a few tips on how to recover quickly from a period of overindulgence and how you can prepare your body for the coming festive season.

So you've overindulged?

That's ok.  Don't worry about's in the past and there's nothing you can do to change it.  The good thing is you have recognised that you've had too much (or too little) of whatever it is and you can now draw a line under it and move on. 
An important thing NOT to do is let your overindulgence spiral.  You may think  'Ah well, I've done that now so I might as well continue for the rest of the day / weekend / week / month.'  This will make it increasingly difficult to get back on track.  
Instead, try these tips:
You may think this is only important if you've had a little too much alcohol.  However, any of the overindulgence's mentioned above can cause dehydration which in turn can cause fatigue, headaches, constipation and low mood.  So make sure you increase your water intake and reduce caffeinated drinks.  Also add some fresh slices of lemon to your water.  Lemon juice helps stimulate the liver's bile production which helps to flush out the toxins.
Water rich food. 
Add some additional, water rich, fruits and vegetables into your diet.  Try cucumber, which is 96% water and packed with nutrients such as vitamin K, B & C as well as antioxidants.  Tomatoes are about 95% water and a great source of vitamin A.  Spinach is another fantastic water rich vegetable, it's made up of around 93% water and an amazing source of iron.  Iron is essential for helping to transport oxygen around the body and for keeping the immune system healthy.  Surprisingly, mushrooms are also a great recommendation.  They are made up of about 92% water and a wonderful source of vitamin B2.  B2 can help reduce tiredness and release energy from the food you eat.
Return to a normal eating plan. 
It may be tempting to skip meals to make up for the extra calories you have consumed.  However, this is likely to leave you feeling hungry and tired and will probably lead to indulging again.  Instead, return to your usual daily meals and try to include the ingredients mentioned above and protein such as fish, meat, beans or tofu.  
Fresh air. 
It may be the last thing you feel like doing but going for a brisk walk in the fresh air and sunlight can raise your energy levels and improve your mood.  It will also help stimulate your digestive system to get 'things moving' which otherwise may have slowed down due to a lack of movement and dehydration.
Re-balance your gut. 
An overindulgence of any sort (sugar, alcohol, processed foods, late nights etc) can be a shock for even the most robust of digestive systems.  It causes an imbalance in the gut bacteria that can result in bloating, low mood, constipation and diarrhea to mention a few.  This occurs as the food and drink consumed feeds the 'bad' bacteria in the gut.  The Gut Repair Kit will really help address this issue.  If you are already taking the Gut Repair Kit then you will probably notice less severe symptoms than you may have done otherwise.  If you would like an extra boost then simply double your dosage for a couple of days.
Remember, to keep things in perspective.  The occasional overindulgence really isn't anything to be worried about or regret.
If you know you are likely to be in situations where you may be tempted to overindulge then here's a few tips on how you can still enjoy the social season and keep the overindulgence at bay.
Pack a healthy snack. 
During the 'busy season' you are much more likely to eat on the go so if you have a healthy snack in your car / handbag / pocket then you are much less likely to grab a high sugar / processed snack when you're out and about.
Never go to a party hungry! 
Always try to have a healthy, light meal before the party.  This way you are much more likely to enjoy a small selection of the party food and drink on offer as opposed to eating large amounts of rich and often unhealthy party food.  
If you are the party host you are much more likely to be running around and looking after your guests so you will automatically reduce your chances of overindulgence.  If you are a guest, try to remain standing and move around...ideally away from the nibbles!
Try to drink additional water leading up to the festivities and drink water in between alcoholic drinks.  Even adding soda water to wine will help as well as choosing your mixer carefully.  Lemonade and coke are high in sugar so try switching them for tonic or soda water.
Love your gut. 
It's not only the food and drink you consume that can affect your gut health....stress, lack of sleep, hectic lifestyle, antibiotics, pain killers can all also have a detrimental effect on your gut health, which in turn impedes your overall health and wellbeing.  It also works the other way round....if your gut is in great condition and working robustly, when these things are present in your life your body is much more prepared and can often successfully protect you from a large proportion of the after effects of overindulgence. 
The Gut Repair Kit will help reduce inflammation, repair your gut lining, restore the 'good' bacteria whilst providing a diverse gut microbiome and replenish nutritional absorption.  
Finally, enjoy yourself.  Laughing, socialising, dancing and having fun is great for both your physical and mental health!