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Gut Repair Kit

44 reviews

Gut health is directly linked to your overall health and wellbeing. The Gut Repair Kit has been designed specifically to help: 

    • Reduce inflammation and bloating
    • Ease IBS and intestinal discomfort
    • Reduce acid reflux 
    • Improve immune system
    • Improve mood and reduce anxiety
    • Improve quality of sleep
    • Support nutritional absorption
    • Reduce flatulence
    • Support a healthy weight
    • Improve overall wellbeing

 What is in the kit?

Repair - Gut Rehabilitation 

A bespoke formula, including prebiotics, designed to support gut repair and reduce inflammation.  A powerful combination including:

    • Liquorice Root - Relieve acid reflux, indigestion and heartburn
    • Glucosamine - Reduce inflammation and protect against intestinal permeability (Leaky gut)
    • MSM - Rebuilds the lining of the digestive tract and improves absorption capabilities
    • Zinc - Helps repair and strengthen the gut lining
    • Aloe Vera - Soothe and calm gut lining

Restore - Probiotics

A 'Practitioner Strength' probiotic blend with a high concentration of 20 billion CFU live bacteria blend to restore gut microbiome. 

Combined with 8 acid resistant probiotic strains to boost growth of healthy and diverse gut bacteria. Micro-encapsulated to withstand stomach acid, enabling all 20 billion to reach the colon in tact.

Replenish - Digestive Enzymes

Plant derived digestive enzymes with a unique blend of gut soothing herbs to support the breakdown of nutrients, stimulate digestion, increase nutritional absorption and relieve bloating.  Unique formula includes:

    • Curcumin - Supports the body’s natural anti-inflammatory actions, liver function and bile flow. Helps to reduce loose motions and flatulence.
    • Bromelain, Betaine, Papain, Protease, Amylase & Lipase - together these enzymes create the ultimate team to support digestion of protein, carbohydrates and fat.
    • Apple Cider vinegar - A natural detoxifier, antiseptic and anti-microbial to aid digestion and cleanse the colon
    • Caraway seed - Anti-microbial and anti-spasmodic to reduces flatulence

Do I need to improve my gut health?

Everything you physically do, consume, think and believe directly impacts your wellbeing and unfortunately todays busy lifestyles are negatively impacting your gut health.

Causes of poor gut health are:

    • Stress
    • Poor sleep patterns
    • Sugar
    • Processed foods
    • Medication - antibiotics, acid reflux medication, contraceptive pill, NSAIDS (aspirin, ibuprofen, paracetamol)
    • Alcohol
    • Age - As you get older the walls of your intestines become weaker and can cause issues such as diverticulitis.
    • Lack of movement
    • Excessive screen time / blue light

There are lots of aspects of your daily lifestyle that you can change to help support your gut health and improve your overall wellbeing.

However, we appreciate that some things can be tricky or virtually impossible to change or avoid...that's where The Gut Repair Kit can help.

Do not take is peptic ulcers are present. 

Read our FAQ's here

Full ingredients list here.


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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Wellbeing make me a well

    Thank you for make me a well

    Andrew C.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Fantastic product

    Package arrived and upon opening i found three separate containers along with a card. The card explains what capsules to take at any of the three times you are to take at a particular time slot. Standard, breakfast/lunch/dinner thing. I have tried many, many different types and products previously and until i found this product, none had worked, most never actually made any noticeable difference. I wondered how successful this would be but within a couple of weeks, my issues had completely disappeared, i subscribe for this product and won’t be without it. Changed my life, that’s how i feel about it. Definitely worth trying if you’re in need of help, it isn’t cheap but in reality for the results that I’ve had, it’s a bargain. I think that we become obsessed with buying products based upon price, thing is, using this philosophy with your body kind of means to value yourself as insignificant, something to treat poorly and so on, it really shouldn’t be this way, your well-being should be paramount.


    Challenge Wellbeing

    Thank you for your review Andrew, we really do appreciate you taking time to feedback on our products. The reason Challenge Wellbeing was created was to help support customers like yourself and we always love hearing reviews like this as it makes all the hard work and dedication worthwhile! Thank you for your continued custom.

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Make me a happy

    Excellent product for acid reflux. Thank you


    Challenge Wellbeing

    Thank you for your review. We are delighted it hear the Gut Repair Kit is helping relieve your acid reflux symptoms.

    Andrew C.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Amazing product

    I’ve been using this for about 9 months now. I’ve tried a lot of apparently similar products. Normally i would buy 3 months supply and see how it went. The fact that I’m still using this kit is testament to its efficacy. I won’t be without it! I changing for me. It’s not cheap but sometimes, you get what you pay for. Try it for yourself. Service and aftercare is excellent s as well.


    Challenge Wellbeing

    Thank you for your continued custom Andrew. The Gut Repair Kit was specifically formulated to support customers like yourself and we are delighted it is helping relieve your symptoms and improve your overall wellbeing.

    Andrew C.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    It helps me

    I didn’t know what to expect with this product but decided to try it. When you find sleep both difficult and sometimes unrewarding, you get to the point that you’ll try anything. I’ve found that generally, I’m better rested when i use this product


    Challenge Wellbeing

    Thank you for your review, we are really pleased to hear our sleep supplements are helping you have improved sleep and helping you to feel rested.