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Do I need to heal my gut?

Do I need the Gut Repair Kit?  How long should I take it for?

These are the two questions we get asked the most but to be able to answer them we need to give you a bit of the background information as to why we created the Gut Repair Kit...along with other Challenge Wellbeing products.
Consultant Physiotherapist, Robert White, and Nutritional Therapist, Kate Chaytor-Norris, were consistently seeing a huge number of clients coming into their clinics with symptoms caused by the same underlying issue....their lifestyle!

Daily Routine

The daily routine for the vast majority of the UK population goes something like this...
Wake up
Check phone
Shower (Often using products which contain parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulphates etc.)
Check phone
Sit down to eat breakfast (Usually processed cereals or bread with high sugar content)
Check phone
Possibly walk or sit in car to drive children to school
Check phone
Sit in car to drive to the office / home office
Sit in front of screen for 4-5 hours
Breaking to check phone and grab a 'quick bite' of processed lunch
Sit back in front of screen for another 4-5 hours
Sit in car to drive home or walk from home office to the kitchen
Do a few jobs - tidy house / take children to clubs / cut the lawn
Check phone
Sit down to eat dinner - possibly takeaway or another ultra-processed meal
Sit to relax
Watch TV whilst checking phone
Snack on high sugar content 'treats'
Enjoy a glass of wine / beer
Go to bed
Check phone
Sleep - Usually badly!
Ok, maybe this may be a slight exaggeration (or maybe not for some of you!).  There could possibly be an hour or so worth of gym, running, cycling , dog walking, gardening etc thrown into the mix somewhere too.  However, the fast majority of the UK population are sitting for nearly 12 hours a day,  looking at screens for, on average, 11 hours per day and consuming a highly processed and high sugar content diet.  


In addition to lack of movement, excessive screen time and poor diet, we also need to take into account other 'lifestyle' factors such as:
Stress and anxiety levels
Lack of quality sleep
Shift work / Jet Lag
Alcohol consumption


Medication also plays a key part in many lifestyles.  There is absolutely a right time and place for their use, however, they are often used over long periods of time as an 'easy fix' to symptoms as opposed to investigating and treating the root cause.
Overuse of Over the Counter medication -  paracetamol, aspirin, omeprazole, antihistamines etc
Increased use of Prescribed medication - antibiotics, tramadol, codeine, roccutane, antidepressants, thyroxine etc

The Science

All of the factors mentioned above have a direct impact on your gut health and therefore directly impact your overall wellbeing.  But don't just take our word for it, read the research for yourself..
Lack of movement & gut health (1,2, 3
Screen time & gut health (4, 5)
Diet & gut health (6, 7, 8)
Medication & gut health (9, 10, 11)
Sleep / Shift work & gut health (12, 13, 14)
Smoking & gut health (15,16)
Alcohol & gut health (17, 18)

Life Happens!

There are lots of different lifestyle choices that we could all make to help improve our overall wellbeing.  However, we also wholeheartedly understand that 'Life Happens' and we can't always make those lifestyle changes for one reason or another.  This is why Challenge Wellbeing was born!  We have created the products Gut Repair Kit and Posture Corrector Pack to help counterbalance those daily imbalances! 

What's the answer to the questions?!?

So going back to the original questions - Thank you for bearing with us!!
Do I need the Gut Repair Kit? 
Well...can you relate, identify or associate with any of the above lifestyle choices or routine? If the answer is yes, then the Gut Repair Kit is definitely for you. 
How long should I take it for? 
This question is a little trickier!  
If you can identify with MOST if not ALL of the above lifestyle choices and you are unable to change them then the Gut Repair Kit can be taken daily for as long as it’s needed.  If this is you...we would urge you to look at some simple lifestyle hacks you could incorporate into your daily routine to help make adjustments going forward.  Have a look at this 2 minute YouTube video for some ideas.
If you can identify with a FEW of the above then it is ideal for short term use (2 - 3 months).  This would also be the case if you have had a period of increased stress, short term illness (Including Covid), been through a period of overindulgence, had a short course of antibiotics or had a busy period.  The kit will help ‘re-set’ the gut to give you the perfect foundations to help support you continuing or starting a healthier lifestyle.

Trust your gut!

You are the best judge of how you are feeling.  If your gut feeling is that you possibly need to take a closer look at your wellbeing and start a healthier way of life...then you probably do. 

'Always trust your gut, it knows what your head hasn't figured out yet'