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Posture Corrector Pack

The Posture Corrector Pack has been designed specifically to help you achieve a better, longer-lasting posture so that you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Created by one of the UKs leading Consultant Physiotherapist, the Posture Corrector Pack helps you to:

Restore a healthy posture

Reduce back & neck pain

Ease headaches and migraines

Increase breathing capacity

Release tension

Optimise your circulation

Release stress

Improve overall wellbeing

    • Ridged design foam roller - This fantastic foam roller has been specifically designed and created to compliment the exercise and educational video packages.  It has an exclusive ridge design and longer than the average roller to target specific muscle tension along the length of your spine.  It is firm enough so it won't conform under your body weight.
    • Small Release Ball - a truly 'handy' small and lightweight ball, along with its own series of exclusive tutorial videos that guide you through some really simple but effective release exercises - Pop it in your pocket!!
    • Inflatable Spike Ball - great for keeping up with your release exercises whilst on the move, the Spike Ball is supplied at an optimal pressure so that you can continue to coax some tension out of your body even when you can't get to your Foam Roller!
    • Resistance Band - a long and light, latex-free resistance band which, when used with the specific exercise videos, will help you open up your trunk, release unnecessary tension and quite simply ... feel great!
    • Travel bag - a neat little duffle bag so you can carry the small ball, spike ball and resistance band around with you - wherever you go - to the gym, on a flight, away with work or even on a day out running or cycling - enabling you to improve your posture whilst you are on the go.
    • Exercise Videos - The bank of exercise videos appear as a link on this website once you purchase the Posture Corrector Pack so they can be easily accessible via desktop, laptop or mobile.  The videos feature easy to follow exercises for all ages and abilities.  They have been specifically designed to target key areas across the body which store tension.  
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    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Good quality products which give results

    I started by watching the videos then experimenting with each piece of equipment and now use them regularly, I prefer some more than others. While I found the foam roller uncomfortable initially I could immediately feel its effect on my back and shoulders and now, after time spent gardening or too long on the computer, I lie on the roller and massage out the strains. I really feel that the pack works for me.

    Angela A.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Posture and correction pack+physio exercise videos

    I purchased these after recommendation from rob and I am really happy to say they work! ... I would highly recommend buying these products. Gradually as you work through the videos you can feel your body getting stronger as you go. It’s interesting too, not like some others

    Joe M.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    It has helped me out massively!

    The Posture Pack is fantastic and have helped me out massively. I am a professional boxer and it has really helped me out in my fight camp preparations over the last few months. I have felt a lot looser and more relaxed after using the equipment and following the exercises. My general posture has also improved.

    Cheryl W.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Feel like a new woman!

    It has made such a big difference in a small amount of time. I feel lighter!! I can't wait to the future on-going improvements!

    Dave M.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Exercises are simple and easy to follow

    I have been using the posture kit and doing the exercises for nearly a month. I can really see a difference to the way I stand and feel like I am walking straighter and taller. The exercises are easy to follow, I do about 10 minutes a day.