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Tips for improved desk based posture at work or home.

Everybody knows that your body is designed to move.  Getting up and moving is the best way to avoid the health problems associated with poor posture, it really is the best way to avoid head, neck and shoulder pain.

For many of us it is easier said than done! After all, it can be difficult to maintain good posture when you are working on a computer / laptop and hunched over a desk all day.

Luckily, there are plenty of tips and tricks for improving your posture when you are desk based. Here are some great ways of avoiding poor posture at the office or working from home.

Optimise your workspace

Your desk is where you spend most of your day so make it work for you! A few simple adjustments will help to save you from a world of pain.

A chair with adjustable lumbar support is always a worthwhile investment.  Make sure it is set up properly, so your feet are fully touching the floor while sitting.

Next up is your screen. If you are staring downwards all day then you are putting a lot of stain on your neck to support your head which can lead to neck pain and headaches. Use a stand (or just a stack of books if you haven’t got one) to put your monitor or laptop screen at eye level.

Get up and get moving

When you are moving your body is at its happiest. Make sure you take time out of your workday to walk around and get your circulation going.

A good start is to park further away from the office and walk in and, if you can, take the stairs rather than the lift. You may not be walking far, but even a little bit can help.  If you are working from home, take time to walk around the home or the garden. Even a household chore can get you up and moving.

Ideally, you should get up and away from your desk for at least ten minutes every hour. Try to schedule plenty of breaks to walk around and, if you need motivation, set an alarm to remind yourself to move.

Take regular screen breaks

The other advantage of getting away from the desk for a while is that it lets you take a break from staring at a screen all day.

Remember, it is not just at work where we are glued to our screens. More and more of us are ‘double screening’ at home; curled up on the sofa, looking from phone to TV and back again.

This is far from ideal as the eyestrain and poor posture caused by this can lead to discomfort, pain and long-term health problems.

It is now more important than ever to block out time in the day to get up… and get away from the screens!

Do some light desk exercises

Exercising at your desk can be a great way to work on your posture during the day.

Don’t worry though, we are not about to suggest you whip out the dumbbells or drag an exercise bike into the office!

There are plenty of lighter exercises that you can accomplish without any embarrassment! The Posture Corrector Pack has a small but mighty bit of kit that will fit in your pocket.  Simply follow the simple video exercises incorporating that piece of kit and you will instantly feel the benefits.

Also, some simple straight leg raises will help.  Simply sit upright and on the edge of your chair. Then, raise and straighten one leg until it is parallel to the floor and hold for 10 seconds. Swap legs and do the same. Keep alternating until you have done it five times on each leg.

Take the time to fix your posture

It’s true that the posture you are in the most will affect most of what you do. That’s why the best way to protect yourself from the health issues of sitting at a desk all day is to make sure that your natural sitting posture is one that supports your whole body.

Practicing the right regimen of posture exercises after work will make sure that you are correcting any posture errors you might have.

Your spine will realign to handle the weight of your head and body, your shoulders will be pushed back to free your chest and your ribcage will open allow you to breathe fully and deeply.

Our Posture Corrector Packgives you the tools to live a healthier and happier life and, the better posture you keep outside of work, the more likely it is you’ll carry it over into the workplace!