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As technology moves forward, the human race falls backward

Modern lifestyles are sadly abusing the human body. Technology has advanced at such a rapid rate, that the human race is struggling to keep up. Our bodies are being moulded around the daily use of smart tech, at the expense of our health.

There is a profound pressure on us to remain 'connected' with the rest of the world, to keep up to date with technology. Unfortunately, in exchange for being connected, we must sacrifice some of the vital time we once allocated to human eye-to-eye, face-to-face interaction.   

When we choose to 'connect' in this way, we rapidly fall into the physically abusive 'tech posture'. A Tech Posture is expressed most of the time in sitting, but always with our focus pointing down and the head bearing weight forwards on the neck.

This is NOT good for the human body!

Our spine's natural curves are lost and with recurrent exposure to this Tech Posture, the subsequent impact to our overall health is destructive. 

  • Our organ function is non-optimal
  • Our breathing is impaired
  • Our digestive processes are hampered
  • Our cognitive function / thought processing is slowed down
  • Our physical capabilities are significantly reduced
  • Our sporting performance is affected
  • Our sleep is disturbed
  • Our mental health is compromised

GOOD Posture...

To have and maintain good posture, we need to adopt healthier habits that encompass the following...

  • We should work towards maintaining our spine's natural curves.
  • We should surround ourselves with  positive energy.
  • We should practice living in good posture. 

More than ever... we need to be spending more time away from the tech posture!

Using the Posture Corrector Pack on a frequent basis will help you to achieve your optimum health.