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Chatting to customers this week it's been great to hear how many of you have become regular runners and / or walkers!  When 'you know what' hit early this year our daily walks or runs became a really important part of our day...even though we may not have realised it at the time.

For some, this may have fallen by the wayside but for many of you it has become a fundamental part of your weekly routine, which is absolutely fantastic!  The reason why I am writing this post (other than to give you a virtual pat on the back for getting this far!) is to encourage you to continue.  Around this time of year as the nights are drawing in, the mornings are darker and the weather might not be quite as appealing so it suddenly becomes very easy to miss a day or two or three which turns into a week or two or three.

Challenge yourself to keep up the great work you have started, or if you have already lapsed on your fitness, challenge yourself to get started!  Now is the most important time to be the healthiest version of yourself and getting out in the fresh air (whatever the weather!) is the best way to do it!

In addition to that, if you can get out for your walk or run where you are surrounded by nature then even better.  Don't worry if you can't but if you can then please do as there are so many additional benefits.  Here are just a few:

  • Improves mental health - Research has proven than 'green exercise' can dramatically improve self-esteem and mood as well as reduce depression.
  • Improves agility - the mixed terrain will literally keep you on your toes!
  • Increases brain activity - instead of a flat, straight road or path your eye / foot coordination will improve as you deal with the mixed terrain and varying inclines.
  • Happier lungs - away from the day to day pollution of roads and housing estates your lungs will thank you for the clean, oxygenated air.
  • Reduced joint pressure - walking and running on softer surfaces such as forest trains, helps reduce joint pressure

Why not start this weekend? In the UK we are so lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful forest and countryside so go out, get muddy, embrace the cold, relish the rain, admire the nature and most importantly keep moving!